Indiana District Ladies Ministries
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Indiana District
2021 Mother's Memorial Offering Goal
Mother's Memorial Fund-Raising Report
IN District Ladies Ministries Scholarship


UPCI Ladies Ministries


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Prayer groups meet on the first Monday
of each month around the world . . . join them today!
A bi-monthly Christian magazine.
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More to Life Bible studies written by women for women.
3 books, 12 studies!
More to Life online Bible Study
Help for the trauma of separation and divorce
Healing Our Painful Experiences
Helping young women find their place
in the body of Christ.
A newsletter especially for women in the military and wives/family of those serving in the military.
Today's Christian Girl
livin’ right and lovin’ life!
Check it out!
Is a ministry to the widows of ministers that offers encouragement and fulfillment for the future.
Leaving a Legacy
Ladies Ministries Endowment Fund
Be a part of kingdom stewardship through Ladies Ministries Endowments
- Resources Advice from professionals and individuals in the field of Special Needs and Disabilities
- Assistance with setting up inspirational monthly prayer and support groups
- Assistance with setting up a twelve-week support group program
- Ongoing support to pastors, ministers, and churches
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